Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bronwyn in the Mirror - May 2012

Trouble with blogging

Facebook is the real trouble with blogging. It's just too easy. I'm getting lazy.

What's really nice about the blog is that it serves as a kind of scrap-book - a way to remember things and their context as time goes by. I love to go back and look at our posts when we were brand new parents, trying to figure out which end of Bryce to put the diaper on. I like to look back at Ty's Prague posts, at the 2008 presidential election madness, at the cancer treatments.

I wish I used it more.

I do have some lovely pictures of the kids to post. I look forward to looking back on these.

Here's when Ty became a master bread maker -- before I realized I'm now gluten intolerant. Drag.

Here's when Bronwyn was really, really sick with RSV, and had to be on oxygen for a week.

This one's Bryce after a particularly satisfying hike in the Petroglyphs, about to eat a big burger and sweet potato fries at Holy Cow. This one's shortly after his 4th Birthday!

A nice shot of Bryce at Easter...

Bronwyn, crawling and admiring herself in the mirror. She LOVES the baby in the mirror!!

Ty, and his atomic 36th birthday cake!

Bryce is as big as El Morro!! least from this angle.