Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stuff Bronwyn does at 6 months

She likes to scream loudly when she’s not happy with her current situation. We try to ignore this.

She enjoys grabbing her feet and sucking on her toes during diaper changes.

She likes to grab and pull my hair. It makes her laugh hysterically.

She will eat a little bit of solid food, but she exhales/blows out as soon as the food is in her mouth. I wear a lot of it.

She will watch, and laugh at, Bryce any chance she gets.

She enjoys riding in her stroller on walks with Papa to take Bryce to school.

She likes Sharka. She will grab her fur whenever she gets a chance, and giggles when Sharka snuffles her.

She flirts with strangers at restaurants/coffee shops/etc.

She kicky-kicky-kicks her legs when she’s really happy or excited, and sometimes she buries her face in her papa’s chest when she gets just way too happy.

She has a tooth on the bottom left, and enjoys chewing on anything she can get into her mouth. She would LOVE to get hold of the newspaper but has thus far been thwarted in her every attempt. She did nearly eat a receipt I didn’t catch until it was almost too late.


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