Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bronwyn in the Mirror - May 2012

Trouble with blogging

Facebook is the real trouble with blogging. It's just too easy. I'm getting lazy.

What's really nice about the blog is that it serves as a kind of scrap-book - a way to remember things and their context as time goes by. I love to go back and look at our posts when we were brand new parents, trying to figure out which end of Bryce to put the diaper on. I like to look back at Ty's Prague posts, at the 2008 presidential election madness, at the cancer treatments.

I wish I used it more.

I do have some lovely pictures of the kids to post. I look forward to looking back on these.

Here's when Ty became a master bread maker -- before I realized I'm now gluten intolerant. Drag.

Here's when Bronwyn was really, really sick with RSV, and had to be on oxygen for a week.

This one's Bryce after a particularly satisfying hike in the Petroglyphs, about to eat a big burger and sweet potato fries at Holy Cow. This one's shortly after his 4th Birthday!

A nice shot of Bryce at Easter...

Bronwyn, crawling and admiring herself in the mirror. She LOVES the baby in the mirror!!

Ty, and his atomic 36th birthday cake!

Bryce is as big as El Morro!! least from this angle.

Monday, February 20, 2012


So, we're all sick up here. Well, Ty's not sick... but he's never sick.

Bronwyn has been on oxygen for about a week. Our house is full of tanks - some empty, some full, and one enormous, 5-foot monster tank in the bedroom. She has sticky crud on her cheeks where the hose had to be attached to her face so that she couldn't pull the thing out of her little nose. It's pitiful. She started getting sick two weeks ago on Wednesday. By Friday night at about 1 a.m., her congestion had kept her awake for so long that I couldn't take it any more and I called the nurse advice line. The nurse was incredibly rude and dismissive, and told me that "if you notice anything UNUSUAL, THEN call us." Fortunately, I went with my instincts and took her to urgent care on Saturday. She had RSV with bronchiolitis (basically, viral pneumonia) and wasn't getting enough oxygen. So, they sent us home with tanks and tubes.

Bryce woke up crying at about 1 a.m. (popular hour!) on Thursday night. To the doc on Friday and, lo-and-behold, ear infection! Both ears! Poor kid. He's had a cough, presumably from the same RSV that Bronwyn's afflicted with, for about 2 weeks.

And me... I continue to experience bouts of nausea, vomiting, and all that jazz. It always happens starting at 6:00 a.m., and almost always (with one exception in 8 occurrences) on a Sunday or Monday. I finally got to the doctor on Monday this past week, and she suspects gallbladder problems. Now I have to wait until next month to get the ultrasound that will confirm it. Until then, on a low-to-no-fat and low-to-no-sugar diet for me.

I want a milkshake. Bad.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stuff we need to blog about

Not that our lives are that much more interesting than yours, but we probably need to put some information up here to, you know, help us remember in years to come.

1. We have three full grown, laying hens again. We lost two, tragically, just before moving into the new house. We really ought to get pictures of them up here. You simply would not believe the size of Boxy, the barred rock. I'm also happy to say that Veronica, the americauna, did survive chick-hood, and the laying of her first egg: a traumatic affair. Audrey is still pretty and friendly, but her eggs are just awful compared to those of the younger hens. Still better than anything you get at the store, mind you.

2. Bryce has started school at a Montessori program only 3 blocks from our house! This accomplishes several things. First of all, we no longer have to drive all the way to the North Valley of Albuquerque to take him to school and pick him up at the end of the day. He's also in school for a shorter time period every day - 9 to 2 rather than 8 to 5. I think that it's better for his psyche. He has made the transition with ease, and he loves his new school. We're having to figure out how to address his "spiritual education," though, as the school is part of the Lutheran church. Neither of us is Lutheran, so it's an interesting challenge when the kid comes home letting us know that God is a "big man who is magic and made the world with his magic wand."

3. Ty is a writing machine. I don't mean that he's a word processor or a typewriter, but that he is diligent and productive, despite having two kids at home now.

4. I remain employed! ...but for how long? I have funding on a contract through the State department of health through June. After that, who knows? Hopefully one or two grants will come through and I'll be secure until next June (2013) when my contract goes back into full-time status.

Other than that, I knitted a kick-ass stocking for Ty. I'll try to get a picture of that up for posterity. And we survived the holidays again this year, though it was a close call there around hour two of Bryce's present-opening extravaganza. The baby continues to grow and so does the boy. The dogs continue to be a nuisance.

Life is good.

Stuff Bronwyn does at 6 months

She likes to scream loudly when she’s not happy with her current situation. We try to ignore this.

She enjoys grabbing her feet and sucking on her toes during diaper changes.

She likes to grab and pull my hair. It makes her laugh hysterically.

She will eat a little bit of solid food, but she exhales/blows out as soon as the food is in her mouth. I wear a lot of it.

She will watch, and laugh at, Bryce any chance she gets.

She enjoys riding in her stroller on walks with Papa to take Bryce to school.

She likes Sharka. She will grab her fur whenever she gets a chance, and giggles when Sharka snuffles her.

She flirts with strangers at restaurants/coffee shops/etc.

She kicky-kicky-kicks her legs when she’s really happy or excited, and sometimes she buries her face in her papa’s chest when she gets just way too happy.

She has a tooth on the bottom left, and enjoys chewing on anything she can get into her mouth. She would LOVE to get hold of the newspaper but has thus far been thwarted in her every attempt. She did nearly eat a receipt I didn’t catch until it was almost too late.