Monday, October 31, 2011


I ran the 5K race at the 2011 Duke City Marathon. I ran the whole time. My time SUCKED!! It took me 40 minutes. But that doesn't matter because my goal was to run the whole race and not walk, and I DID IT... in 40.00 minutes. I could have run faster and walked a bit, but I wanted to run. And I did! FOR 40.00 MINUTES.
I would post my finisher's picture here for you to admire, but it's $39 to download your finisher's picture. Ridiculous. The Duke City Marathon benefits the New Mexico Cancer Center, but the photo purchase benefits only the photo company.
I imagine they make a killing on this sort of thing.
I came in 716th place overall out of 852 runners in the 5K, and 44th out of 56 in my age group for females.
I want to do another one...