Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bronwyn, hungry

My little girl

Stuff Bronwyn does at 6 weeks:
1. She smiles a lot - though not always at what we might consider "appropriate" times. Her favorite thing to smile at is a picture of me and baby Bryce hanging over her changing table. She also loves to smile at Mimi and Nonny.
2. She sleeps a LOT - still. I forget that infants kind of ease you into raising a kid. They spend their first couple of months just sleeping and eating, with occasional wakeful periods.
3. She coos! Baby coos are the cutest sounds.
4. She hollers. She doesn't really cry... she kind of shouts.
5. She "plays" with toys. She has started to notice the stuff dangling over her changing table, bouncy, chair, and swing. She takes swipes at them with her hand, her mouth wide open in concentration. She kicks her feet when she actually makes contact!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I love Bronwyn...

...and she is starting to notice me!!!!