Thursday, June 30, 2011

Courtney and Bronwyn

Here is a picture of me and Bronwyn Rose. Hopefully, there won't be many (any) more opportunities for full-on belly pictures before the big event. Everyone think positive thoughts. About evacuations, expulsions, etc.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Long, hot summer

It's going to be a rough summer. We haven't had any rain for a couple of months. This month we've had absolutely 0.0 inches of rain - average is about 1 inch. The "monsoons" don't seem to be coming any time in the foreseeable future. It's hot. We've had 100+ degree temperatures for the past few days, with no relief in sight.

And we're on fire.

Today as we drove up to Santa Fe for a belated Bernice birthday lunch at Harry's, we saw a plume of smoke from the Pacheco fire in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. It was impressive. By the time we left Harry's there was a new, enormous plume of smoke rising from the Jemez mountains. I told Ty and Julie that it looked as if the Valles Caldera was erupting, the plume was so large and intense.

This is called the Las Conchas fire, and as I am writing this it's already burned about 6,000 acres and is growing. It's about a mile outside the boundaries of Los Alamos National Labs, and they're closed tomorrow as a result.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Here are some updates for June 23, 2011:

1. Bronwyn - The baby has not arrived. She is taking up the bulk of my midsection at this point, and I'm finding it difficult to sit, sleep, digest food, and breathe. She's due to arrive in a little under 2 weeks. I wonder whether it's even possible to make it that long. We have most of everything that we're going to need for her now - we've received so many wonderful presents from so many wonderful people. We have very kind and generous friends, for sure. In fact, I have a SECOND work baby shower scheduled for next Wednesday in the department of emergency medicine. There's a lot of love going on over here. Let's see if she says put until then.

2. House - Well, we have put an offer in on a house, had the back-and-forth and reached an agreed upon price with allowances and closing date. During the house inspection, we discovered that there are in fact termites in the house, and some damage in one of the rooms from them. The house needs to be treated, and the damage repaired. The current owners of the house do not want to do any repairs above and beyond the $1,000 allowance they (begrudgingly) agreed to in the first place. Thing is, the termite treatment (not really a repair so much as a treatment) is going to cost close to $750.00. They hadn't anticipated this I guess, and they don't really want to do more than $250 in other repairs. The other things we're requesting are things like bringing the electric box up to code, the line from the city up to code, the outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms up to code, and to fix some plumbing problems. These are things that will cause them to have difficulty selling the house to ANYone - we're not just being extra picky. So, we responded to their refusal with a, "no, we really need to have these things fixed." We'll see what they do next.

3. Jobs - I am currently in employment limbo. the great news is that I have the opportunity to stay in the emergency medicine job now through November, so my pay is guaranteed not to go down at least until then. AND, my other fabulous boss at the PRC seems to value me as an employee and is considering posting a position at the pay rate I'm currently earning (the average between my two departments) so that I can just come over here full time and not lose any income. The only "problem" is that she'll have to post a new position and hire for it competitively. I can't believe my good luck at having two really kind bosses who seem to appreciate my work. It makes me want to work extra hard for them both. Who knew? So as far as employment limbo goes, I'm still in a pretty good position.

4. Us - We're all doing okay! The chicks have stopped trying to eat each other, and the hen seems to be okay with them now, too. They sleep at night in the hen house all together, but we keep the chicks in the chicken run during the day while Audrey gets the run of the yard. The dogs have a brand-new bark deterrent device in their run, and I swear it has reduced overall irritation in our household by at least 50%. Bryce is in school 3 days per week, and Ty is working on a piece for NPR. I plug away here at my two jobs and wait for Bronwyn to arrive. It's hot out. That's pretty much it! We hope all of you are doing super as well.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

36 weeks pregnant...

Wow, they're not kidding when they say that your organs literally become displaced by the growing fetus/expanding uterus. Check out the liver in this picture...