Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bronwyn Rose

The baby's name will be Bronwyn Rose Bannerman.

Unless she just absolutely doesn't look like a Bronwyn... then who knows what we'll call her.

I discovered the name Bronwyn in 2003, about six months before Ty and I got married. I was in an accident (documented in the Emergency Dept. as "bicycle vs. auto") on my bike en route to Kyle Zimmerman photography to see whether I wanted to hire her for my wedding photographer. Cars were passing on the left, I got over to the right. I remember thinking, "uh oh, car door," and then nothing. Though I was wearing a helmet, I still got knocked out. I lost my short-term memory for about an hour or so, as evidenced by transcripts from the ambulance ride - every fifteen minutes or so, I asked, "what happened?" I had a lovely gash on my face, just below my left eyebrow. A resident called Bronwyn Head sewed up my face while I stared at her name badge. Bronwyn. Wow, that is a really cool name. I bet nobody else you knew had that name, did they? No. ...and she was really beautiful and really smart and very kind. Bronwyn. The name stuck with me.

We're getting mixed responses to the name "Bronwyn." Our midwife, Dympna (obviously biased from having a very unusual name herself), adores that name. She thinks it's "just lovely" that she'll be the only Bronwyn and that's so special! My dad thought that the name was "beautiful... wow." Ty's mom likes it, and Bernice, who is never shy about sharing her opinion, has also given the name her stamp of approval.

My mom isn't convinced.

When we told her the name, she said, "Oh, that's interesting... Here are some other names you should consider..."

But her name will be Bronwyn. We're already calling her that. If you ask Bryce who is in mommy's tummy, he will tell you it's Bronwyn. He kisses her sometimes. He likes to play with her Haba teething ring, promising that he will give it to her when she is born.

She'll be here in 10 weeks or so.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shameless Baby Registry Promotion!!

Here is the link to our Amazon Baby Registry. I know, I know - technically you're not supposed to register for the 2nd one. But I figured - hey, just in case people want to get her some presents... right?

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Baby BannGerald 2

We had a follow up ultrasound to check up on the fetal pyelactasis. Baby's earlier measurement was 4.1mm on her right kidney, and they like to double check for anything over 4.0mm. Today, she had 3.0 on both kidneys! So, issue apparently resolved. Yay!

Here are two of the 3-D ultrasound photos.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bryce on a hike

During the last days of winter, we took a short walk at the Rio Grande Nature Center. Bryce enjoys "hiking."

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Robert cooks!

For Robert's birthday this year, we went out to have barbecue at Johndi's, which is the best stuff we've had since living in central Texas. We highly recommend it, if you happen to be in Albuquerque long enough to have eaten your fill of New Mexico cuisine, and you crave some meat.

The next night, we cooked in. This ended up being a LOT of fun, and (quite frankly) even better than what we'd had the night before at the restaurant.

Robert altered a recipe for Chicken-Parmesan Bundles on We used ricotta cheese, added sun-dried tomatoes, and grabbed some fresh oregano from the garden to give it more flavor than what's promised in the original recipe. The recipe calls for breading the chicken with ritz crackers, which is excellent because the butter in the crackers helps make the breading brown and wonderful. The result was FINE!!

End product, sliced, served over pasta with sauce and some zucchini. It was really, really good.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Pure Evil

So, I don't know whether I have a cold, or just really REALLY bad allergies. In New Mexico, the most evil of all evil plants for allergy induction is the Juniper. Here he is in all his glory:

And god, it's been windy here. And dry.


Things are so different for this pregnancy than they were for the last one.

For one thing, I mostly forget that I am, in fact, pregnant. I spent a lot more time thinking about it when I was pregnant with Bryce. I could sit alone in the bathtub and watch my belly move, or spend time alone while Ty was writing to decorate the baby room or shop for little clothes. If it weren't for a growing belly (and I swear that this time I am much bigger than I was with Bryce, though Ty disagrees) and some serious rockin' and rollin' from time to time, I wouldn't remember that there's a baby in there. And, this time, we know it's a girl. We refer to the bump as "she," and "her," sometimes "Bronwyn." That's different, too. Bryce was "Whoozit" for the whole nine months pre-birth.

Another difference has been that with Bryce, the early pregnancy was wrought with drama. There was the previa - nights in OB triage wondering if I was miscarrying. With this baby, the early part went really well - with the exception of nausea of course. Now we learn that she has fetal pyelectasis on her right kidney. It's slight - only 4.2 mm - but enough to require a follow-up ultrasound to make sure that it's not getting worse. The worry about it is that it does have a weak association with Down Syndrome. I am really, really hoping to avoid that - our risk came back in the "very low" group in the ultrasound + blood work testing - 1 in 10,000 - so we are probably okay. Still, it does kind of weigh on the mind sometimes. Not the best way to remember that I'm pregnant.

Of course, the biggest difference is that Bryce is here already. He is excited about having a sister on the way, but he is also dealing with the realities of being a three-year-old. He wants the world to work the way he wants it to work, when he wants it to (which is typically RIGHT NOW!). Poor guy. He has his tantrums, he yells, he becomes inflexible and uncompromising, and he has melt-downs. In all, though, that typically happens when he's tired or hungry or not feeling well. Still, it's a rough patch to get through, developmentally - for him and for us! I certainly have my "what-was-I-thinking?" moments sometimes when I consider the impending reality of having 2 kids.

The lack of personal space that comes with the three-year-old is tough. We can no longer just lounge around. Can't go out whenever we want, wherever we want to go. I don't think that we've seen a movie for over a year. Certainly preparation for this second child isn't as "magical" or romanticized as was prep for Bryce. I know I'm going to be covered in puke for the first three or four months. I know that I won't get any sleep for at least that long. I know that I'll have to find time to pump while I'm at work, that Ty will be doubly exhausted when I get home.

But still... still, I can't wait to meet her. It's different, to be sure, but it's still pretty awesome.