Thursday, October 14, 2010

Playing with the web cam

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Which leads us to

The present. And here I am, seven years later. With a few more roles fitting somewhat loosely but let's say more or less appealingly upon me: In 2010, I am husband, father, master of dogs, lord of chickens, receiver of royalty checks ("author of history" seems to be fading at the moment), graduate student.

Any wonder that I seem to be suffering juuuuust a touch of identity crisis? Not so bad, and I've been through this before. Two years ago, with the book finished, the radiation over and the fatherhood new and terrifying, was much worse. Transitional times are difficult, and I don't think I'm very good at them, but they do end, they do settle, and the next thing you know you're content again, and comfortable and all set up for the next transition to knock you on your ass.

But let's see, how am I managing? The baby, now a toddler, is happy, healthy, intelligent; the same can be said for the marriage (can a marriage be intelligent? Let's just say yes and not probe too deeply); the chickens enjoy my company; the dogs still come when I call. And student life- well, no disasters yet. I've more or less kept up with reading, more or less kept up with writing, more or less not freaked out too much due to assorted academic anxieties, more or less not found myself on the wrong side of some intradepartmental machinations.

And the Autumn is settling nicely around us, with only a headcold counting against its favor. I think, yes, I think I deserve the beer I'm about to open up.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The story so far...

So, the blog has been closed for a few days. A little time out, a bit of breathing room. I mean, look, I know that only a few people read it, but still, it's a point of exposure, of vulnerability, and for some reason, I needed that closed off for a bit. While I thought.

Thought about the blog. Whether I should keep it going. Whether it was finally Time. I mean, not that many people read it, we don't update it like we should, and it seems, in many ways, like a relic of the pre-social-networking world. When people want to see how we're doing these days, they don't check the blog like they used to a few years back; they check Facebook. And it's not like I've got a huge following of people hanging on my every word (Hi to my six followers, by the way! One of which is myself!), so what's the point?

And then, I went digging through some old posts.

This is a venerable piece of blogger real estate, you know? It's almost, let's see, seven years old. Seven years old. SEVEN YEARS OLD. Holy christ, how is that possible? It's not actually older than my marriage; it's exactly one week and one day younger.

That's kind of incredible.

In that time, this blog has been a record of:

- Our season in Prague
- Easter for the Czechs
- Danger in the Alps!
- a tiny little fluff of antisocial puppy that turned into spirit dog Sharka
- Various going-crazies and unhappinesses in Austin
- Warnings of Medicine Dogs in advance of our time in South Dakota
- The first pregnancy
- An exciting tribal election
- The miscarriage and the decision to leave Pine Ridge
- A longing for mountains
- The Return
- The last known sighting of the Domiwaitrix
- The first hints of an impending Bryce
- Forgotten Albuquerque (still locked for now, alas)
- Courtney's huge belly
- Labor!
- Birth!
- Cancer!
- Forgotten Albuquerque the Book
- More Bryce!
- Insightful commentary on the 2008 election
- Book launch!
- The things Bryce could do at 17 months old
- Chickens
- Naps
- Barium Sulfate Suspension
- Why Papa is tired
- And, uh... Now.

You know what I've got here? I've got a pretty good record of our life during some very interesting and often turbulent periods. Almost every major milestone of our lives that has happened over the past 7 years is recorded here. That's kind of... awesome.

Yeah, we haven't been real great about keeping it going consistently, and yeah, sometimes I'm not as funny or as deep or as creative as I'd like to be, and yeah, there's probably a bit too much complaining if you go digging around, but in spite of all that, I'm really glad this thing is still kicking around.

I did a lot of worrying about it this week, worrying about what the blog is for, whether or not I should just kill it off once and for all. And the answer is: Nah. There's been a lot of good, important stuff on this site over the years, and my six followers and I know it.

So, let's make this official. This site's going to stick around for a while yet.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Bryce enjoys vegetables