Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Bryce Pictures

These are from Bruce's 51st birthday party at (where else?) Harry's Roadhouse in Santa Fe. Bryce had spaghetti. All over him. The first picture is from our house, taken this morning. Bryce has been carrying around his soft teddy bears lately. It's really cute.

Friday, August 28, 2009

One Way to Increase Your Blog Hits

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I think my flirtation... er... short term relationship? Poorly thought out marriage? to social media may well be coming to a close. Twitter is just like blogging, only necessarily shorter. Facebook is noisy. A constant clamor of people you vaguely remember from highschool telling you what Sex in the City character they are and sending you pretend alcoholic beverages but not really communicating for the most part.

I stopped posting so much because I became frustrated with the essentially one-way nature of communicating via blog. But twitter and facebook are just as one-way most of the time. I fantasize about pulling the plug on this whole internet thing and just focusing on meeting people for drinks over at the local bar, or some other variety of the increasingly fantastical "hanging out" in real life, but our life just doesn't seem to be in a place where that's a possibility right now. My work, such as it is, depends on emailing and internet research. My social life, such as it is, has become consistently awkward to schedule. We're in a different life stage than most of the people we interact with, and it seems like we just don't know what to do with each other anymore. The few parents that we actually know are just as busy and baby schedule constrained as we as are, or more so, so little actually happens on that front either.

I'm not going to make any attempt to make this more cohesive than it is. Just consider it a big blob of New Parent Angst 2.0 or whatever.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things Bryce Does- 17.5 Months Old

Bryce frequently requests that we sing the song Carrickfergus. He calls it "Deepest Ocean".

Bryce tells us stories. Two nights ago, he told us about the time, a week before, that Tesuque jumped on him and scratched his foot. "Sukie jump inna car! Owie on foot! Bandaid. Bandaid. Pulled it off."

Bryce enjoys the aquarium, and has favorite fish. "The sharks!" he says. "The rays! Annda puffer fish. Is huge!" The puffer fish comes right up to the glass and looks at Bryce. It is, in fact, huge.

Bryce knows portions of the alphabet. He fills in the blanks when someone recites it for him.

Bryce builds with blocks. He puts a triangle piece on top of a structure and says "I like that house!"

Bryce calls anything that looks monstrous, for instance, an ogre on the cover of a book, a "dwagon". He does not seem to think that they are scary.

Bryce is afraid of the shower head. He gets scared in the bath because of it. I lifted him up to touch it so that he could see that it wouldn't hurt him. "Shower head is bumpy," he says. "It's just funny! It won't hurt you."

Bryce talks all the time.

Bryce makes up stories. On the road we passed a construction site. "Bulldozer!" he says, then, as we continue driving- "Bulldozer go up in the sky! It fly away! It fly! Up in the sky!"

Bryce loves Sharka. Sharka is patient, protective. She gives him a lick when she first sees him in the morning.

Bryce says funny things and when we laugh, he repeats them, louder and louder each time without understanding what makes them funny. Just like me.

Addendum: Bryce knows the difference between Brett and Jemaine on Flight of the Conchords, and can name them when he sees their pictures.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My dream car

I've become a mom. My dream car is a station wagon.

Bryce buries me in books.

This was too cute not to post. The books he has in hand are the Lord of the Rings trilogy!

Passed it!

Today, I passed the Master's level ASWB (Association of Social Work Boards) examination! This is a feat for me, considering I got my degree a little over 3 years ago, and it wasn't in clinical social work. The bulk of the exam is about direct, clinical practice. So! I am now officially competent to practice social work at a Master's level. Unfortunately, in New Mexico, you're also required to take a 3 credit-hour course in New Mexico cultures. I am therefore starting a Sociology of New Mexico class at UNM on Thursday. Ah well! Hopefully, I'll be completely officially licensed and legal and whatnot in December.