Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This week is rough for us. I have a conference tomorrow at the UNM Continuing Education center that I've been planning for two months (would have had longer to do so, but the idea got nixed, then insisted upon... it's a long and painful story). I feel like I've been planning my wedding all over again. I have bouts of what must be PTSD.
Ty's article is also due this week. He got an email from the Alibi's editor two weeks ago asking if she could move up his deadline from mid-July to early June. Sure! Why not? He's going to pull it off though, and with a pretty darn good article, in my opinion.
With all this going on, neither of us is particularly pleasant to be around. All of you who live out of state should thank your lucky stars you're not too close to either of us (though you may regret not being near the delightful babykins pictured in the previous post).
I can hardly wait for tomorrow at 5:00.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bryce in Ty's old baby outfit

Bryce hauls baby butt all around the garden at the Harwood Arts Center, a block from the house. He's wearing a baby outfit that Ty's mom preserved from Ty's own baby-hood. It fit him beautifully, but I think that now it's already too small. Shame.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What's been going on...

Sorry, we've been really bad about posting new things to the blog these days. What with the Twitter and the Facebook and the work and the baby and the dogs and the living... kind of got side-tracked.

Quick Updates:
1. Ty is working on article for the Albuquerque Alibi on Urban Exploration. Should be featured in July or so.
2. Bryce is a walking, talking 14-month old. He has more words than I can count and is starting to make rudimentary sentences, such as, "Mama, mama work," and "Do Papa water, please."
3. I am working like crazy. Just got two new grant proposals out for some of those Recovery Act (aka Stimulus) funds.

We have some pictures and videos of the munchkin, and will post these as soon as time allows.