Sunday, December 28, 2008


They stopped the flooding by shutting down the water. But, of course, everything is still wet and the apartment is not really somewhere a person could live, so Denise is staying at a hotel. Pain in the ass.

We went over, brought her chinese food, drank a few beers and played Settlers of Catan while the Sound of Music droned in the background.

Well, Crap

Just called Courtney at her mom's house, and this is what I hear (all frantic)-

"Hello? Hello? Ty? Listen, we've got a really bad situation over here. Can you hear that? We've got water just pouring down the walls, the mirror just fell down, mom's bed is soaked and all her clothes- A water pipe blew out in the apartment above hers and now it's just pouring down! I'll call you back later-"

So, here I am, without transport while my wife and her mother play dutch-boy at the dike or whatever.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pictures of the house

Here are some pictures of the new house - and the tree!! $15 at the Flea Market. Super duper deal.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dancin' baby

Bryce rocks out to Flight of the Conchords.

Actually, this is posted by Courtney

Bonus video! More rockin!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Hey, so if you look over on the left, you should see a picture of Forgotten Albuquerque the book! Don't see it? It's there, right under "contributors". Still don't see it? Well, maybe you should turn off your AdBlocker, Mr. Commie-Obama-Voter! Your guy's still only a President-Elect, so we've got until January 20th before capitalism stops working and our great country becomes a backwater third-world Soviet satellite state. Anyway, turn off the AdBlocker and take note-

If you want to buy my book, consider using the link over there. It throws a little extra cash my way, and lord knows Bryce has to eat. You don't want Bryce to starve, do you? Take a look at those videos of him down there, think about that cute guy having to eat shoe leather for breakfast. Terrible thought, isn't it? So do him a favor and buy 30 copies of my book, using that link over there. Do it for Bryce, do it for America.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Oh, hey!

Forgotten Albuquerque now has an Amazon entry! You can even pre-order it!

Here! Buy ten!

Bryce Walks! Not really.