Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July Happened to Other People

Finished. Well, finished for now. Now the editors over at Arcadia get their crack at it, then they send it back to me, then I send it back to them and then they publish it. Still, the majority of my work is now done, and what a huge amount of work it turned out to be. Of course, the whole cancer thing couldn't have been more poorly timed it terms of the book, I have a hard enough time concentrating on the task at hand under the best of circumstances, much less when having to fight nausea and the creeping erosion of fatigue. But it is done, and suddenly I am a free man again. No more daily appointments with radiological misery, no more driving, desperate push to finish those last chapters.

What now? Well, there's the baby, I'm back with him (Denise and my mother were incredibly giving of their time during my various distractions), and we are readjusting to 8 hour days with each other. These days he's a little more demanding of time and energy, but he's also a lot more fun. We take walks by the river, check out my garden, read stories (he's a big fan of books, mainly of flailing his arms wildly at the pictures, ) tickle and sing songs. Then there's the original Forgotten Albuquerque blog, which I've been neglecting as baby, cancer and book all happened one after the other. I'll be getting back to that, try to get shorter entries more regularly published. And then pursuing freelancing opportunities as well. Full plates, all.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

From the Depths of Book Hell

This is it, the last week to finish Forgotten Albuquerque. My editor called and offered me a nice little incentive to turn it in by Friday- I have never struggled so hard not to laugh in someone's face in my life. It's coming along, but I have a lot left to cram in in the next few days. Fortunately, the after-effects of the radiation therapy have mostly evaporated by now, so I can both get stuff done and remain in a reasonably good mood (although Courtney might tell you otherwise).

I've got a 12-pot coffee machine, a stack of books with "Albuquerque" in the title, a comfortable set of pajamas, an understanding wife, and a July 22nd deadline. See you next week everyone.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Last Day

Yesterday. One last time beneath that glorified X-ray machine, one last time settling into my beloved ass-cast, one last time being pushed and lifted and rolled so that the sharpied-on marks on my skin lined up with the ceiling-housed laser guide, one last dinner spent not eating . Now it's nothing but follow ups for the next few years (hopefully), CT-scans and chest X-rays every three months, blood analysis and whatnot.

This is no longer the Cancer Blog.

Monday, July 07, 2008


Last week, the nausea disappeared almost entirely, except for the first few hours following treatment. It was replaced, however, by fatigue.

Fatigue is weird. It seems like such a terrible excuse for a side effect, that I should have no right to complain about it. "I'm fatigued", like I'm in the middle of a hike and I just need to get over it and stop whining already. But it's actually one of the more irritating side-effects that I've experienced. Where the nausea is acute and relatively confined to one part of my body, the fatigue is pervasive and sublte.

I feel like I've been up all night no matter how much sleep I get, my mood is rotten, I take lots of naps. I really don't feel like doing anything but gazing blankly ahead, even reading seems like too much of a bother. Fortunately, the effects are mainly confined to the afternoons and evenings. I wake up feeling relatively normal most days and manage to get stuff done (good news, as that twice extended book deadline gets nearer and nearer). Unfortunately, as the week wears on, the fatigue gets worse and worse. By Thursday I expect to be in a full on daze. But I'll also be extremely happy- Wednesday is the last treatment.