Saturday, May 31, 2008

Update and more pictures

Ty's meeting with the radiological oncologist went well. Or, anyway, as well as such meetings can go. He's to have three weeks of radiation treatment. Three weeks, every day. He got this long list of side effects he might experience. I'm sure he'll post something more detailed very soon.
In the mean-time, we've been trying to get out of the house a bit now that the weather is nice. My brother came out for Memorial Day weekend and we all headed up to Glorieta to spend some time at dad's cabin. First time traveling with the dogs and the baby. We drugged Tesuque with Benadryl, and it worked beautifully - she hardly freaked out at all! Here are some pictures from the trip.
Oh yeah, and Bryce has decided his favorite new activity is flying. Ty flies him every day. I think it's probably good for his core...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Layover in Cancerland

So, Friday I found out that things are... good. Damn good. No-detectable-cancer good. The tumor was a seminoma at stage 1, the slowest growing and most curable of malignancies and chances are that the only cancer I ever had is now sitting sliced and diced in a bottle of formaldehyde on some analysts mantlepiece beside a hundred others of its kind (am I wrong for wanting to believe this? It's certainly how I'd live if people were always sending me their testicles). Meaning... what? Exactly ? Meaning that now I have more appointments, always more appointments, but now the appointments will be of a more laid back and option rich variety. Friday I see a radiological oncologist who will discuss the possibility of zapping my groin with a microwave oven to kill any invisible tumorous hangers-on, next Friday I'll see a general oncologist and we'll talk about chemotherapy as a preventative measure (though I doubt it'll be recommended.) No matter what, they'll run me through the CT-Scan a few more times over the next decade just to make sure everything looks okay. And who knows what happens later, but for now everything is... good. Damn good.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

More Pictures

My god, we have a cute kid.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Recovery continues in a fairly straightforward way. It's a strange sort of feeling, I'm mainly just really tired with a touch of pain from standing up or sitting down. Talked to my editor today and he was fine granting an extension, which made me quite happy. I had planned on using some of my recovery time this week to lurk in the Archives but I really don't feel much like doing that at all. Still on the pain medication, though not as much as before. My mother is here watching the baby, making me grilled cheese sandwiches, being a mom.

Again, thank you all for the comments. It really is nice to know that you're out there sending a positive thought or two this way.

Got the cover mockup for the book today, by the way, and it looks pretty damn good if I do say so myself-

Forgotten Albuquerque Cover

There are still a couple of typos, but that's essentially the way it'll look on the shelf. Not sure when it's coming out, except sometime after July 8.

Friday, May 09, 2008


The orchiectomy is done. Successfully, quickly, and with no complications. I'm well dosed with the percocet and feeling somewhere between fuzzily hurting and hurtingly fuzzy. Not too bad though. They're sending the offending part off to a lab somewhere for a bit of slicing and dicing and then we'll know something more. Should be sometime in the next wo weeks. Well, back to drugs and tv. Just like college all over again.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


They could at least have the decency to call it the It Might Be Cancer Center. That way, when you're sitting there waiting for some diagnostics, the Might is reinforced. Instead, it's just The Cancer Center, and there's no helpful Might to cushion the resounding, rusted-metal clang of That Word as it echoes through your worried waiting brain. Hell, do us a favor and send the ones in need of a diagnosis to the It's Probably Not Cancer Center. True, that might be soft-pedaling things, but maybe the run up to cancer should be soft-pedaled as much as possible.

So, I guess I have cancer. Testicular cancer. Ball cancer. Cancer of the nuts. Actually, to be quite frank, cancer of a nut. Okay, it's only Probable Cancer, they won't know for sure until they get a chance to analyze the tumor. After they remove it. And the testicle it's attached to. Fucking drag.

The process is a bit horrific. Wonderfully horrific, actually. I'll spare you the details, but you can read them here Speaking of not soft pedaling terms, the wikipedia page on orchiectomy redirects to castration. Thanks guys. For some reason, I also looked it up on YouTube, which brings up a huge number of vlogs by post-operative transsexuals. So that's my new club, I guess, Lance Armstrong, Adolf Hitler, all the transsexuals on youtube, and me.

The good news is that if you're going to have cancer, this is the one to get. Cure rates are typically 95% +/-, unless you've let things go for a ridiculously long time. And because I love touching my balls, I seem to have caught it very early on. There's still a chance of the cancer having moved into my lymph nodes, but we won't know about that for a few days.

Tomorrow, then, the chopping block.

Thursday, May 01, 2008