Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's good to have family

So we've been parents for three weeks now, and thank god for our parents. My dad was here for the first week of Bryce's life, and he helped us get a lot of stuff together that we wouldn't have otherwise been able to do. He also took the dogs with him for two nights to Glorieta, which is quite possibly the best gift he could have given. Ty's mom is here now and it has been so great to have her here. She loves Bryce and wants to hold him, doesn't mind changing him, and baby-sat him so that Ty and I could go OUT. Oh man, it's been a long time since I got to go out for a beer!! My mom has been incredibly helpful and a total godsend as well. She cleaned our house while we were at the hospital and continues to help me keep it neat. She also wants to spend a lot of time with Bryce, which gives me more ability to have some semblance of a life.

I love our parents!!! Of course, the picture I'm including here is not of any of them... I'll try to get some of those posted soon.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Slave 4 him

I am this baby's slave. He is one tiny, neat little package of need, and I am all too willing to determine what that need is and to satisfy it if I can. Granted, the mastitis sucks and make meeting the "I have to eat now" need more than a little painful. But hey, bringing him into the world was quite a bit more painful, and a whole lot longer-lasting, so I just kind of pant through the initial twinge at latch-on and ride it out.

I can't believe I'm going back to work on Monday. I am insane. How will I ever manage to leave in the morning? Best not to think about it too much until the moment arrives. Loading the freezer with pumped milk, and I have a fabulous pump to take with me to work.

Appointment tomorrow with the midwife to make sure every part of me is healing up appropriately. Didn't realize giving birth was so physically traumatic until after the fact... I guess I'd just never really seen friends so soon post-partum - probably because they were recovering. I have a 2nd degree tear (ow) that is healing up nicely, and with antibiotics the breast infection is going away as well. Should be feeling almost ship shape in a few more days.

He is so worth it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Now We Are Sick

Courtney, that is, not me, not Bryce. Mastitis. Bleah.

So she's watching Good Will Hunting, which is a movie about apples and how people like them.

Monday, March 17, 2008

oh, please just shut up: Month 3 of Buy Nothing New Compact

oh, please just shut up: Month 3 of Buy Nothing New Compact

This is notable. Regis is a madman.


Getting stuff done

A week in and finally, finally I'm feeling like... a person... again. I'm out in the world, getting stuff done! As I wrote that, I pumped my fist several times in the air. A little half-heartedly, to be honest, as I'm currently at a coffee shop. But I did it.

In other news- Yes, to answer your question, the baby is wearing green and therefore protected from fairies. I, however, am not. If the fairies start with me, I shall explain that they are hurting my feelings and should leave me alone. That'll show them.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Have We Mentioned the Baby?

Bryce sleeps curled up beside us on the bed, the dogs uncertain and curious about this development. Sharka gives him once-over sniffs a few times a day, sometimes ending with a tender lick to exposed baby-flesh. Tesuque is nervous, perhaps she feels unseated. We're more cautious with her, she is intense in her every activity and her exuberance is best kept at a distance.

2 hours between feedings but if we keep him properly stimulated before bed, he sleeps for those two hours. Already I'm happy, thrilled in fact, to get 4 hours of sleep in a night. Aside from the difficulty of waking in the morning, I feel remarkably alert all day. Are there Papa-hormones that kick in to ease you through this time?

I don't ask about Courtney because she is obviously a boiling cocktail of Mama-checmicals, ready at any moment to explode into joyful tears or breast-milk. She's doing wonderfully, her belly disappearing and her happiness unmitigated, overwhelmed by the unflawed beauty of the newborn Bryce.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


I love Bryce Bannerman.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Courtney,a mere 9 hours into labor. Notice the eager, hopeful smile. That lasted another 8 hours, then faded for a while before being resurrected by the epidural.

25 hours after the contractions began, the little trouble-maker saw fit to grace us with his presence.

OMG this is real.

He's beautiful, and healthy. Let's see, he's 22 inches long, breast feeds like an old pro, doesn't like having his hair washed, but doesn't seem to mind having blood drawn. Also, one of the only %5 of babies that enter the world on their projected due dates.

He's a Thursday's child, so he has "far to go". He missed being "filled with woe" by an hour.

Courtney is doing well, although she spiked a fever during delivery so the hospitals going to keep her there for another day or so, just to make sure she's not ill. The fever was probably caused by the epidural.

Born Today, March 6th at 1:00 AM

Bryce Ogg Bannerman.

7.1 lbs.

Pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

18th Hour

Starting at midnight, now 6pm. 18 hours of contractions, and, perhaps just as importantly, no sleep. And no end in sight. Courtney is exhausted. At 5:30 the midwife checked her dilation- 6-7 centimeters. Not the progress Courtney had hoped for.

So, epidural.

What a difference. It's like Courtney, who had been subsumed beneath wave after wave of pain, has returned.

Now the midwife is going to take semi-drastic or at least more drastic measures (there's a spectrum of drastos [which isn't a word, but after this day I get to make up all the words I want] to bear in mind]. Courtney's water broke earlier today, sort of. Part of it broke. The rear of the bag (surely not the right word but see above) broke, but the bag around the baby's head remains intact. So, the midwife will be rectifying that, which should encourage an overall speedier labor.

Soon, hopefully, soon.

All's Well

But the going is slow. Contractions have been very intense, but now have quieted down. This is good because Courtney is catching a little bit of sleep, up to five whole minutes at a time (labor is Hell). Baby's heartbeat looks good, although it looks like she/he has nodded a few times itself.

The birthing room is lovely. Wood (or, more likely, fake wood) floors, spacious, giant window looking out toward the mountains...

Nurse just came in and took the monnitors off of her. Everything looks fine. Hopefully more soon.


Yep, here we are at UNMH. Courtney's water broke at about 8:20, we got here, oh about 9:00 or so. We're looking at 12 hours here, give or take.

Blog About It!

I feel like I could be doing something more useful than updating the blog constantly, but the fact is that there's not much left. I've packed the car, I've attended to Court as well as she'll allow, now I'm waiting. She's catnapping right now, waiting for the next contraction--

Which is now happening--

--and over--

My job is to watch the clock and whisper elapsed time every once in a while, "30 seconds"... "Just about two minutes now,"... "Looking at five,"...

Oh, and periodic back rubs.


Contractions are erratic. Something like 5 minutes apart, actually. But sometimes like 1 minute.

The hospital said if we showed up now they'd make us do laps, so we're staying home for a bit.



It's On

No question this time. She's been contracting since 12:30, and none of this "maybe I am, maybe I'm not stuff". This is unmistakable, doubling up and moaning, uterus tightening earthquake style stuff.

3 minutes apart. We're leaving soon.


Well, this is a bit uncomfortable...
I seem to be having contractions. I think that's what these are - I've got some serious, hard-core cramping that radiates up and makes my belly get all hard. At about midnight I started getting some gentle cramps and I thought, "well okay - we did strip the membranes, after all."
However, at about 12:30, I felt a weird sensation I can only describe as a "popping." Something like when (sorry about this) you have a big ol' gas bubble suddenly move really low. After that, the cute little crampies became quite a bit more intense. They're also coming 4 - 5 minutes apart. How exciting!! My favorite part is that they go away in between, and they only last 45 seconds or so.
So, perhaps we are now really and truly in labor. Midwife on call says take two tylenol and a benadryl and try to rest. She thinks I'll be having to push sometime in the morning and wants me to rest up. How could I possibly sleep?!? :)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Last Official Midwife Visit

Had our last official visit to the midwife today. She was very surprised I haven't delivered this little person yet. She is, however, glad that I'm not working anymore - apparently the flu has hit Albuquerque in a big way, and the ER and OB Triage were both filled with its victims last night. I'm less likely to catch it at home, apparently.
She did strip my membranes again, then commanded Ty and I to go do it. If I haven't delivered by next week, we go to Triage for a non-stress test and fluid level check. If I look okay, they'll give me one final week before inducing on Tuesday the 18th. That would actually really suck since I've only got three weeks off with pay (it's all the vacation and sick leave I've earned) and I started taking it today. I'll basically have four work-days off with the baby. Bummer.
So, everyone send all your labor-inducing thoughts and energy toward Albuquerque!!!

Monday, March 03, 2008


No birthing to report, but Courtney officially made today her last work day. Now, we sit, and wait, and, I don't know, visualize opening doors and such. She's been having Braxton-Hicks contractions, which are kind of a cheat, a practice tightening of the uterus that makes her belly rock hard. We have the appointment tomorrow to check for dilation and to discuss possible options should nothing occur in the near future.

Denise is over rubbing Courtney's belly, we have a fire, Doctor Who on the television. A good evening to wait.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

40 Weeks tomorrow

Well, tomorrow I will be officially full-term. Dang. I have an appointment on Tuesday (my last scheduled appointment) and my due date is, according to early ultrasounds, Monday. My midwife indicated at our last appointment that if I haven't delivered by Tuesday, we would "have to talk about our options."
I must admit, I was heartily against pitocin induction and originally insisted that if I didn't go into labor myself by the due date, I would happily go another two weeks trying "natural" methods. Lately I'm questioning that decision.
All I can say is at this point I have had zero recognizable contractions. This is very frustrating.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

First of March

Nothing new to report, really. Finally recovered from that virus. Woke up in the night on Thursday shaking violently and uncontrollably. Thought I was having a panic attack or something. Turns out my fever had spiked to 101... rather alarming. Feeling much better now, though pretty well exhausted from three solid days of drama. It's weird to feel torn between wanting to go into labor and worrying that if I do, I'll be too exhausted to handle it effectively. Did sleep remarkably well last night, though. Think I'll take another nap right now.