Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year Day

This should be one of those crazy medieval holidays where the rule of law is inverted for a 24 hour period, fools are proclaimed king and all debts are suspended.

So, yesterday sucked, huh? And no sign of impending baby today, so I guess I won't be regaling the net-at-large with two dozen updates detailing the various freakouts. Court's still sick, but less so.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Courtney Wins

Which is to say she loses. Because she's sick, poor thing. She's running a fever of 99.1. No baby today.

Here is a smiley that represents how we feel about this- :(

Live Blogging the False Alarm

Maybe? Everything is calm and quiet now.


Eerie calm. Courtney sleeping. Dogs sleeping with her.


She's in labor. She's just downplaying it. She's like that.


Okay, so I just read these posts. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up (particularly not my own), so I think it's only fair to say that I've been having abdominal cramping followed by (TMI alert) bouts of the runs. Hence, I believe I am only suffering from the nasty stomach virus that has been circulating in Albuquerque recently. However, I lost my plug this morning, so who knows what the hell. Called the midwife on call and she says, "either you've got a stomach virus - and there is one going around - or you're in very early labor."

Keep ya posted.


So here we are. Waiting. And it's going to happen.

Are we ready?

On the one hand, hell no. How could we be ready? Are you ready for a hurricane? A flood? Or, more positively, a trip to another country? Moving to a new state? No. You can prepare and gather your things and try to cultivate a certain mental flexibility, but you aren't ever ready. And this is Life Itself we're talking about here, not the staid predictability of a mere hurricane. It's like asking, Are you ready for Everything? In the whole world? In the entire realm of human experience? In a lifetime's worth of love and pain and joy and misery? Are you ready for that?

So. Not. Ready.

And on the other hand: I feel like I've never been ready for *anything*. There is a certain upper limit to preparedness and most of life is capable of superseding that preparedness at any given moment. Car accidents, lightning strikes, true love, beautiful days. Am I even ready to walk out the door most mornings? Probably not, but I do it anyway. An infinite number of x-factors hasn't slowed us down yet. And we want this, we want this to happen, we want it to happen today.

So Courtney's in the bathtub with her increasing contractions, the doula's been called, I packed Courtney's nightgown, the special baby cradling pillow, her coloring book...

We are so ready.

All Quiet

Courtney remains in the tub, her meditation cd playing. All is quiet.


She's in the bath now, eyes closed, fake candle (special for bringing to the hospital) flickering in one corner. Thank god, because she was pacing like crazy a few minutes ago. She *is* having contractions, about 20 minutes apart right now. Which means we won't be heading off to the hospital JUST yet. Maybe in a few hours. So, I'm rushing around the house gathering supplies with a check list (just like camping!)

So, I guess I'll be updating as events progress.


It is highly likely that Courtney has begun labor, although, in typical Courtney fashion, she's trying to pass it all off as a stomach virus.

Oh Jeeze...

We just might have something here...


Well, I suppose I've reached the point where I just need to let go and accept that this kid will come when it's damn well good and ready (or when it's induced via chemical means). Tried everything short of an enema today and I have to say, I'm feeling better than ever! Even that low butt-pressure I was having is completely gone.

I guess I can go back to work tomorrow. Great. Just freakin' great.

Kiddo is rockin' and movin' around like crazy, as usual. Doesn't hurt at all unless I catch a foot (or whatever the heck it is) up under my rib. Still it's not so bad.
I think that my expectation of having this baby prior to its March 6th due date was raised by all those ultrasounds I had where the tech told me that the baby was measuring a week and a half bigger than its gestational age. Apparently, later-term ultrasounds will often overestimate fetus size, but this has been a consistent theme throughout my pregnancy, including the earliest ultrasounds we had (thanks to the previa).
Of course, my expectations were also raised by the fact that I've been dilated and effaced for a couple of weeks now - but I should know better. Even that is apparently normal.
Anyway, nothing yet. Ultimately, there will be something to report, I guess. For now, I'm going to try to return to business as usual. My boss keeps trying to give me new projects to work on, like supervising an intern who starts work on Monday, writing a grant proposal (due next Wed.) to get another position funded for the project, and coordinating a mass training for 16 out-of-town community liaisons "as soon as we can!" Business as usual sucks. I'd really like to have this baby soon if for no other reason than it gives me a legitimate reason to get away from the grind for a while. Isn't that just too awful? :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Somehow, I feel that writing this down will make it not work, but that's just the pessimistic side of me rearing its less-than-lovely head. Yesterday at midwife appointment we did an exam. Kid is at Zero Station, we are 2.5-3 cm dilated and 70-75% effaced. This could still be a long wait, but my midwife did strip my membranes, so maybe in the next day or two. I am taking today off work and using it to do stuff that will hopefully speed things up. Yesterday and this morning, I've been feeling pretty uncomfortable, as if there is a bowling ball in my butt. No, I'm not exaggerating.
So here goes: I'm starting off with raspberry leaf tea, which I will drink today at least as many times as I have remaining tea bags. I'm also going to eat some pineapple for breakfast. I'm drinking at least a gallon of water and (much to my dogs' delight) will be walking as much as I can. I will have Ty take me and the girls out to someplace that can only be reached via bumpy road. When we come home, we'll try other stuff.
If anything comes of this, Ty will surely keep you posted.

Monday, February 25, 2008

39 Weeks

39 Weeks Pregnant today! I hear the average for first-time pregnancy is 41 weeks, so even if I'm average it's only a matter of DAYS now. Kind of unbelievable, really. I'm actually looking for ways to hurry things along at this point. I've read about eating pineapple, drinking raspberry leaf tea, ginger, sex, nipple stimulation, bumpy car rides, visualization, enemas, and castor oil. Really, there's a lot of stuff to try out. Not too excited about the cator oil, though, as I hear that this is an intensely unpleasant experience. Besides, I just had a stomach virus or food poisoning last week, and that didn't do much for me but put me in a nasty bad mood. If anyone's got a good home "remedy" to get this kiddo going, I'd love to hear about it.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Okay, pretty much all worthwhile real estate between my sternum and my pelvis is currently being occupied by another person. Every day that I think, "there is NO way this kid is getting any bigger," or "there is NO way I could be more uncomfortable," I am proven very, very wrong. We had high hopes for last night's full moon - with an eclipse, no less! Sadly, it wasn't meant to be.

I know what all of you who already have children are probably thinking... and it's something like, "Girl, enjoy your last few child-free days while you still can!" So, I've decided to make the effort. We're going out for fancy meals, seeing movies, and lazing around as much as possible before this small human puts an end to all our lovely freedom.

I am ready though. I have all my stuff at work temporarily placed in the hands of my colleagues (bless them). I have a car seat. I have a crib and a whole lot of baby stuff (thanks everyone!). I have diapers both disposable and cloth - LOTS of diapers. I have a yoga ball, a meditation CD, and a whole long list of positions for laboring and delivery. I have a doula. I have Ty. We're good to go!

I hear that walking helps to speed up the whole process... maybe it's time for me to start canvassing door-to-door for one of the candidates :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Zero Hour Approaches

The midwife (an elfin woman with Christopher Eccleston's accent) says sometime in the next week, most likely. Although she did make a point of noting that tonight brings the full-moon.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Look, Preggo-films!

Courtney at 32-weeks, the early stages of gigantism-

Courtney at 38 weeks. Denise tries her hand at Belly-based impressionism:

Friday, February 15, 2008

Belly Art

Belly art by my mom. Last night we got a little bit bored, so we broke out the face paints. Had a nice, round canvas available - so why not? I said, "Hey, let's do a goldfish bowl. Isn't this kiddo going to be a Pisces?" Mom went with a Matisse - which isn't exactly round, but still looks pretty nifty.