Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hollywood Comes to Albuquerque

So, uh...


- Impromptu trips downtown become bouts with the surreal when the path to the bar is strewn with styrofoam rubble and every car on the block is a crushed, burnt-out husk.


- The word "Tamalewood" is bandied about.

- The emotional climax to No Country for Old Men is ruined when a pivotal scene takes place at the Desert Sands Motel (which is exactly three blocks from my house), and I'm busy looking for the sign for my favorite Vietnamese restaurant instead of noticing that an important character just got slaughtered.

- The city I love bears some responsibility for Transformers.

And the cons have it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Tent Rocks (Kasha-Katuwe)

On Sunday, we went back to Tent Rocks... or rather, "Kasha-Katuwe." I haven't been out there since I first came to visit New Mexico, and Ty showed me all the best parts to get me to move here. After this return visit, it's not hard to see why I was so captivated by the place.

Basically, at the center of the Jemez mountain range there is one truly enormous volcano, the Valles Caldera. In the past (hundreds of thousands of years in the past) when the thing has blown it's pretty much devastated the surrounding several-hundred-mile area.

The tent rocks started out as layer after layer of ash falling from the sky as a result of the Caldera blowing. Great big granite boulders were also blasted forth from the eruption, and they landed on and in the ash. So, after centuries of erosion, what was left were these lovely, cone-shaped formations in the pumice, topped off by the boulders, like caps.

We had a great time hiking in the area. Almost made it to the top of the overlook... almost! Even dad did great, considering he came from sea level only 2 days before. Got a bunch of lovely shots on my flikr page... click here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pregnant pictures

Marysa wanted a belly shot. So here're two. Ty took these over the weekend at dad's cabin in Glorieta.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007



I saw one in the supermarket yesterday. I could smell it from six feet away, an odd, hard candy stench like a purple jolly rancher. Not, I must emphasize, like a grape, nor, for that matter, like an apple.

My theory is this: we have failed at mass producing apples that taste like apples and this is the obvious solution. Perhaps we should soak them in artificial apple taste. Actually, I'm surprised that hasn't been tried yet.

Monday, November 05, 2007

My dogs

Even though they are royal pains in the ass, I love my dogs. They are unruly, disruptive, undisciplined, uneducated heathens. They distribute hair on every imaginable surface of my house. They bark at anything that moves outside (in particular, one barks at birds as they fly overhead).
And I'm the stupid idiot who loves them.