Friday, July 20, 2007

House of Usher

So, it turns out... ha ha, funny story... that our house is currently sinking into a swamp of its own making. Joe, the hippie home-repair superman, emerged from the crawlspace yesterday covered in mud and looking even more like a wookie than usual. See, there are leaks, lots of leaks, and every time he fixes a leak another leak happens. Not sure when this started, but it's been there long enough for a batch of mosquitoes to spawn and mature and come hungrily buzzing up through our ventilation system, this being the first indication that something was desperately wrong. New Mexico has mosquitoes, sure, but down by the river where they belong and are easily avoided, if the plateau becomes their home, look to your crawlspace, friend.

The upshot is that poor Joe has met his match, and the despair in his grizzled face is heartbreaking. The further up upshot is that the water must remain shut off lest the earth swallow us whole, and we have acquired refugee status until a... er... no offense, Joe... *real* plumber can come swooping in to save the day.

To Santa Fe! And to the safety!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


See, there's this place called Loyola's that's been on Central Avenue since, I don't know, 1900 and their huevos rancheros kicks ass. But that's not the point. Here's the point:

The waitress said, "I hate it when there's too much month at the end of the money."

And I laughed.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Too late

11:35pm. Monday night. 2 weeks after the "appropriate" time. Bottle rockets and anger.

This Just In

Everyone on the internet has Asperger's Syndrome.

Just like everyone at my high school was bipolar. And all the kindergarteners have ADD.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Glass Harmonica RIP

Actually, the last post explains the death of Glass Harmonica. See, if you put your stuff on the 'net in any form, even your own ridiculous blog that no one looks at, it's considered "publishing". Meaning that I can no longer "offer 1st North American Serial Rights" to people who want them. So there's a dilemma: I can put stuff that sucks on Glass Harmonica, or I can put stuff that's good and then not submit it anywhere. Or I can close it and maybe revisit it in the future as a site for my unpublishable good stuff, like my extensive collection of Gremlins fan fiction. So, it's gone for now, but resting, maybe it'll be back, I dunno.

Also, HP and EAP are uh... on hiatus I guess. Maybe they'll be back in the future too. Maybe not. Maybe they'll live only in my dreams... sigh...


Today, for the first time, I wrote certain words that I hope to become very familiar with-

"I, Ty Bannerman, extend the release of my work, "Staying the Night," to June 1, 2008, of 1st North American Serial Rights to _______________. Today is July 11, 2007."

Now, I don't know how that "of 1st North American Serial Rights" fits into the grammatic scheme of the sentence, but I don't write the material, folks, I just sign the dotted line.

Withholding name of publication as it'll be a while before anything happens, and trust me, these things tend to drop like flies.

Friday, July 06, 2007


Strange to be a specific nineteen year old, that uncomfortable mixture of self-assuredness and ignorance. Just hunker down and wait.