Saturday, April 14, 2007


In the run up to the big move (the latest big move, any way), things are on hiatus for a little while. If I have time to overcome some technical ignorance I'll have the next Young HP Lovecraft and EAP up this week, but barring that, sometime in May is more likely.

So many things to exhaust one's self with.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New HP and EAP


What the title says.

Right, so we're new at this whole web comic thing. And, for that matter, this whole comic thing. So we're making lots of mistakes.

Okay, I'll fess up, *I'M* making lots of mistakes. Most pertinently in the drawing-to-online-format thing. This week I was having a lot of trouble, a ridiculous amount of trouble, with the comic text. See, it looked great on the drawn page, but the scanner wasn't so hot, and it came out on just the wrong side of legible. Of course, the obvious solution of replacing handwritten lettering with cyber-font presented itself immediately, but I dismissed it because... well, handwriting, like real real handwriting, is just so much cooler, and I really like the organic feel to Courtney's text. Surely, I thought, there's some button or script or something that makes GIMP magically turn badly scanned handwriting into beautiful, crisp clear penmanship, and, while we're at it, maybe gives you a foot rub and bakes a cake on your birthday. 3 hours later, literally three hours of working on this man-vs-machine fiasco, I succumbed to the inevitable. My organic composition simply has isurmountable limits, i.e., my clicking finger hurt and my eyes were red. I had no choice really.

So, it is with a certain amount of shame that I admit that, for the near future anyway, it's safe to say that I'll be going the cheesy route with the lettering and let the robot do it.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Employed at last

Got the job in New Mexico!

Moving out to Albuquerque on April 5th. Start at UNM on April 9th. Holy cow.

Now... gotta find somebody to take this killer apartment we've got here so Ty can join me as soon as possible...

News and News

First off: new post on Glass Harmonica, this one a poem...

Second off, news. There's a Rumi poem, something about a "lover of leaving", and I'm beginning to feel like that. Except for the loving part. I like movement and being, but I'm tired of the leaving. So here's the deal, when we get there, we're staying for a while.


Oh, you know, back. Back to Albuquerque. A sort of sudden thing. All comes from my computer wallpaper at work. A red earthed mountain, the kind you find at the southern foothills of the Jemez, the kind that are so red that they bleed over into the insects, maybe the people too, judging by the faces (don't say that too loud though). Been staring at that picture for a while and I guess it worked, cause now we're going. Courtney's leaving this week, in fact. I'll be here for a little longer, a month. And then gone. Gone west. Please say it to yourselves in a heavy, portentious tone. Gone West. We'll write it on a placard, hang it from the door.

Don't worry, you-know-who, we'll call soon.