Tuesday, January 23, 2007


How can it seem colder here than it did in Manderson?

It's a question of preparedness, I suppose. All those 60-70 degree days lull one into a sort of meterological complacency that bites you in the ass when the mercury suddenly falls for a frozen week. "No, I'm not going to put on a jacket! This is Austin!" And then I shiver stubbornly because it'll get warm again soon enough, right?

Whereas in Manderson, the jacket went on almost as soon as we got there, and stayed on until we left. Gloves and scarf become skin, and what kind of moron forgets his undershirt? Answer: You don't when 25 is the high.

All this because I've stuck myself inside today. The sky is gone grey and swearing that it'll rain soon, and the wind is clammy and damp.


But I ain't wearing no jacket, dammit.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Oh right

This old thing.

We're back in Austin. Things are quieter now. Expect no more excitement in our lives or in our blogging.

We did go to the emergency room today, but everything is fine and dull and boring.

Currently listening to: Train sounds.