Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Next Step

A lovely week of recuperation in Santa Fe, and now we are in Houston for another lovely week of recuperation. Or something. Through a fortuitous set of circumstance and coincidence, we fell backwards into a very comfortable three-bedroom in South Austin that will be ready on the 13th. Until then, we'll be at my mother's house in Seabrook. I'm working on getting the last bits of my grad school applications in, and Courtney has devoted herself fulltime to fielding job interview calls which are now coming on an hourly basis. So *that's* what having a "real" degree will get you!

As you can tell, our life is once again becoming boring.

Thank god.

Friday, December 01, 2006

On the Road

Ty is brilliant. I argued and pleaded, but he held to his convictions. "We have to stay our whole two-weeks," I insisted. "It's going to snow. And it's going to be very, very cold," was his reply.

He was right. I was wrong.

So, with a car stuffed to the gills with stuff and dogs, we left on Monday from Manderson at around 1:30. That night from our hotel room in beautiful Sterling, Colorado, we watched the Denver weatherman predict a helluva snow storm starting on Tuesday afternoon. As we drove through Denver and Colorado Springs the next day, we could see the storm coming, always to our right. We very fortunately made it to Santa Fe by 4:30. Then the heavens opened up on Colorado. Roads were closed. Accidents happened.

So, here we are, snug in Santa Fe at grandma's house. We're leaving tomorrow for Houston. We'll take two days to make the drive.