Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Note from Courtney

Hooray for me, I am finally getting around to posting on this thing! Actually, I'm taking my lead from Kirsten Welbes (check the sidebar link - Welbi 'round the world).

Graduated from UT on Saturday, finally. I now have my Master's of Science in Social Work, which will allow me to make a whopping $30K per year. Let the good times roll, man. Apparently, the family thought it was a big enough deal to make a pilgrimage to Austin. We all made it through the 2-hour commencement, then did a barbecue thing in the back yard. For those of you who've seen our humble abode, imagine it stuffed with sixteen and a half people (with 4-month old Nathaniel). Thrilling!

Really though, it was a good day - a good end to the last two years. So now suddenly I have all this free time, and what better way to fill it than contributing to the Radio Free BannGerald?

Will post pics of the graduate real soon.