Friday, January 20, 2006

Dear Sirs and Car Wreck

I had five of them, students that is, walk out of my class today. I attempted to keep them from doing so to the fullest extent of my abilities. This means that I walked to the door and said "Hey! Come back here!"

They did not.

Something rather beautiful in that finality.

And in this: On tuesday I was pegged by a young girl more focused on her cell phone than the tiresome details of driving. I saw her sail out toward me and knew she would hit, that I could do nothing. She was going to hit me and that was all.

*Sickening thud*

Fortunately I was not hurt, nor El Poocho Obnoxiouso, though both of us were shaken. The finality came for the Cabrio, I'm afraid. Mr. Adjustor said it was almost certainly totaled. Mrs.Fitzerman railed a bit at that, got that terrible set in her eyes and swore it would be repaired no matter what Mr. Adjustor said. But reality sneaks in regardless.

Ah well.

Thank you, Universe, for not freakin' killing me. Or freakin' mangling me.