Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Devil and St. Nicholas


Ancient Czech Christmas Carol (fragment)

Translated by T. Banngerald

Here comes Santa Claus
here comes Santa Claus
walking with the Devil
looking for bad boys and girls
gonna hit them with a shovel
and if you've been really bad,
better listen to my song,
they'll throw you in a big sack and
kick the shit out of you all night long

Interesting side note, Czech children are quite well behaved.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

News of the Small and Worldly

Courtney and I have moved across the highway and a world away. An apartment complex we actually like coming home to, there are trees and a little stream (trash choked, yes, but a stream none the less.) We can walk to Blunn Creek Park, where Sharka plays. Austin is finally starting to feel a bit like home.

I've been hired by Half Price Books, thank-the-radiant-namelessness. A good company, for a low wage job. Health insurance, quarterly profit sharing, 401k plan, and, of course, all the crack- er... books I can squander a meager paycheck on.

Semester is over for Courtney, she did quite well despite stressful circumstances. I'm proud of her.


Rough month, that November.

Travelings, passings, demons faced. Sometimes your life is shaken, sometimes you make it out okay.

Courtney's grandmother, Penuel FitzGerald, died a week ago. Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August, she had been slipping these past few months, and she was ready. She saw her loved ones at Thanksgiving, then let go.



One too many crossings
the river slices away the horizon

trees crowd the crossroad
island adrift in the now