Tuesday, September 28, 2004



One week, two torn sutures, 6 veterinary visits, untold amounts of (forgive the graphic nature of the following word) puppirrhea , the beast sleeps comfortably, happily, healthily upon my discarded hiking boots below the computer desk, as I type these very words.

Guess what? She's cute. No surprise, a puppy being the embodiment of cute, but hey, I swear, she's really cute.

Cuter than your first dog.

Monday, September 20, 2004


World, meet Sharka.

Good girl, Sharka.

Friday, September 17, 2004

I lieu of an update that actually requires work on my part, here's a link instead!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


I stopped being an idiot (ha!) and realized that the 'comment' function can be changed to allow anyone to post, so I did. In theory, you happy, friendly readers can now glowingly gush about the feelings of joy and wonder my journal has brought to you.

In reality: I don't post, so why should you?

Except, of course, that I am posting, right now , this very instant, so I'd better think of something to say.

Austin is the new Albuquerque. This has become abundantly clear. We former Burque-ans have crept in to this unsuspecting town by way of every corner of the globe and now infest the streets of Texana Central, shuddering at every red-neck mystery, loudly complaining about the sad excuse for "green Chile" these poor ignorants proffer up on their mexican menus, constantly going on along the lines of: "Oh, yeah, Albuquerque had one of those too, only it was more culturally diverse and closer to the mountains." Once, long ago, the Texas Army marched on the capital of New Mexico in a bid to add the territory to their own. They were beaten soundly (of course! Every school child knows: Don't Mess with NM!) and now, one hundred and fifty years later we are slowly gathering for the counter strike. Attention Agent Roberts, I have positioned myself just outside the perimeter, within viewing distance of the Capital herself.

Ah... but what would we want with this place anyway? The Texans don't deserve to be taken over by us.

But there is something of a confluence here, my friends and acquaintances from many different stages of my life (not just NM, but Clear Lake, Prague, and elsewhere,) do seem to have gathered here. It's really quite cool, to have moved to an unfamiliar town yet still be able to keep a fairly full social schedule. The loneliness I normally encounter with such a move is completely absent. Obviously there is some great unexplained purpose behind it all, some destiny that has drawn us here, like... maybe we're all supposed to open an ice cream store together or something.

Hey, then I'd be employed!