Saturday, May 29, 2004

Please Forgive the Lateness of my Reply

The problem is that I've grown to loathe the Globe Cafe, really the only place in town that I can bring my own computer to upload pictues and such. It's one of those places that makes one far too aware of just how trendy one really isn't, the waiters all in tight black and euro-synthpop played at a gratingly high volume... My tolerance simply wore away and I wound up avoiding the place for four weeks.

In that time we have muddled along through a handful of beautiful spring days, almost all of which occured on tuesdays, and quite a few more miserable wintry throw backs, mostly on the weekends. The days are ripping past far too quickly, we'll be gone before we know it. Already we are at the onset of our last week teaching, then we will go with Martina and Zach to the Slovnian Alps, and then, back to the States and I suppose the Next Thing.

Zach has arrived, we've spent a few days hanging out, this weekend we're going to Plzen to sample various fine beers and lose ourselves in the ancient tunnels that spiderweb their way beneath the city. There really are a lot of strange, beautiful and amazing things in this part of the world.

I have pictures for you. Last weekend Courtney and I went off with some Czech friends of ours to Cesky Krumlov, sort of like all the best parts of Prague in one small town. We documented the carrousing and the sights. A note about that: there is one picture taken in the museum of Cesky Krumlov that isn't clear at all, and needs a bit of explanation. It's of a chunk of tree, with various ribbons connecting the rings to significant historical events, Colombus discovering America, World War One etc, etc.. The strange thing was that one of the events was covered up by a taped on piece of paper, and me being me had to remove it and see what event was so terrible that it had to be hidden from our view. The event was the October Revolution. I was a little offended by the fact that it had been covered up, I can understand that there's significant backlash against any communist sympathy in this country, and for good reason, but the event DID occur, and DID have a dramatic impact on the world, especially this part of it. Consider this to be the Czech equivalent of political correctness.

We're quite looking forward to coming back, but it does seem to be creeping up on us more quickly than I 'd like.

Here's the part where I make some hollow promise about updating more regularly.