Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Fairview Cemetery.

One grey Monday, I took a walk through Fairview Cemetery. Which, in theory, should be followed up by something interesting. However, I've taken the pictures off the web, so nyeah .

Monday, December 22, 2003

This is another bloody test.

Friday, December 12, 2003


Huddle up Albuquerque, the snow has finally come. How long will it stay? Not long. Big fat flakes getting smaller, wetter, the asphalt already bare and glistening in its rejection of winter, just the chemlawn green, the too-too green, grass holding the snow beneath the icy trees.

The Road to Austin

We went to Austin last weekend, to watch my sister graduate. I like Austin. On 270 (or 71 or whatever the highway is stretching between I-10 and the city,) among those live oaks (are they live oaks? I'm pretty sure they're oaks,) the countless small towns with houses built from the pinkish granite quarried near there, the rolling hills with quiet little streams, I can almost, Almost, almost understand the saner varieties of Texas Pride. As opposed to the variety evidenced by these guys.

Right there, in the center of Texas, it is quiet and beautiful. The people seem gentler, the weather is calm and temperate. It almost makes sense that a bunch of ne'er do well's would work so hard to steal it from Mexico.


We are still counting down, the car has still not sold. We have reservations in a Czech hostel. Zach will pick us up at the airport, I haven't practiced enough Czech.


I've learned a few html tags.